“Garnering press and social media traction demands a newsworthy, integrated and engaging approach.”
– Victoria Kirk, Principal, V & Co. PR & Marketing Communications

Reaching and influencing today’s ever-connected consumers requires an intimate understanding of the complex media landscape, branding, brand positioning and storytelling.
With consumers increasingly blocking ads and fast-forwarding through commercials, many successful brands are realizing strategic PR is now more relevant than ever.
Lifestyle, news and business press require a seasoned approach that recognizes news cycles — and newsworthiness. In fact, both consumers and press demand authenticity and are turned off by marketing speak. At the same time, clients require an honest media strategist who can deliver and bill to budget.
Building and conveying the unique stories behind brands is V & Co.’s specialty. It is both a mixture of strategic communications planning and media relationships that garners results that influences the influencers. That’s why V & Co. is in constant conversation with lifestyle and business media across the country.

V & Co. is led by Victoria Kirk, a PR and marketing communications professional with 15 years’ experience rooted in building and strengthening retail and lifestyle brands. At Gap Inc.’s Canadian headquarters, Victoria handled major fashion collection and beauty and fragrance launches, sponsorships of major events like TIFF Kids, cross-country grassroots campaigns, cause marketing and issues management for Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy for nearly 10 years. While at NATIONAL PR, she oversaw Holt Renfrew’s TIFF parties as well as ongoing U.S. media relations and international leadership positioning opportunities for the company President. Accounts also included Montblanc, BOTOX, Tourism Toronto, Amazon.ca and Wal-Mart.
As a former journalist, Victoria’s intimate knowledge of the media bolsters her ability to editorialize messaging and ensure your brand is part of the right conversations.